THE experience

The magical process

We do a happy dance, thats what! Ha! It helps with the nerves, not to mention that you get to celebrate you for investing in yourself this way. In the mean time and email its on its way to your inbox with a questionnaire that will help me tailor and personalize your photo session.  You will also receive our exclusive Boudoir Prep Guide with all the info you need to get ready for the shoot, this includes a what to wear guide book to give you ideas on outfits  choices you can shop for. 

Here is what happens after booking!


On the day of your shoot you will get to the studio at the time of your booking to get your pampering on! Think of your Boudoir experience as a spa day. The first hour you'll get glammed up by our hair and make-up artist. You will relax and chat it up with us as we listen to music tailored just for you. 

Day of the Shoot


All the nerves will go away in the first 5 min of the session i promise you, before you know it, we’ll have dope, sexy photos of you that will have you seeing yourself as the world already sees you--a powerful, badass full of love. My goal is for you to be surrounded by loving energy throughout our whole experience together.

Natural Light, Camera, Action!


I do same day photo reveals! It is one of my favorite moments with you,  I love seeing your reaction to what we created together in the studio. After our shoot  we will set up a same day zoom session to go through your beautiful images and see them side by side. Here we will go through all the ways you can display your images with one of our custom album package.  Excited to experience these moments with you!

You'll remember the feelings forever

The $495 serves a non-refundable retainer to book your time slot on our calendar. It includes a complimentary consultation & Planning call, pampering by our in-house hair and makeup expert.  Our exclusive Boudoir Prep Guide, and Posing and directing by me.  There is no need to have experience in front of the camera, because I've got your back! All images are professionally edited and retouched.


Before all the fun begins...

*products and images are a separate investment. 

What's the investment? 

Collections start at $1995.  Our clients on average spend between  $3500 - $4500 on their products.  We understand that a Boudoir Experience is an investment, and so we have setup options for you to be able to Book your experience with our flexible payment plan (options of 2, 4, 6 months in-house payment plans available before  shoot day) We also accept PayPal Credit which is a 6 months interest free online credit card. 

Wanna wait until the  day of your viewing and ordering appointment (day of the shoot) to purchase your collection? Perfect! We are all about you having a great experience all through out and are here to support you in planning your shoot every step of the way. Keeping these beautiful memories is my favorite part of the whole experience. Seeing your reaction when you first open your album and see your images in print. PRICELESS!

Apply for paypal credit here

Let's Chat!

Products & Collections

Still have questions for me? Check out our FAQ tab below, or email us at, or click below to book a consultation call now.

So You are ready to book Your Session!

Nope! We've got you covered mama. My only recommendation is that if you have a favorite shade of lipstick that you want to use, bring it with you for retouching during the shoot, as our makeup staff will not be there during the shoot. 

Do i need to bring my own makeup?

Yes dahhling! Hair and Make-up is provided by our incredible in-house MUA in the studio, to pamper you and get you ready for your shoot.

Is hair and makeup incluided?

Nope... It's an all women studio. Me and my Make-up squad ;) #girlpower 

Are there men in your studio?

Wanna know a secret, i chose this genre of photography to step outta my comfort zone too. It has allowed me to connect with myself in ways i couldn't have imagined. And now I'm obsessed with Boudoir, trust and believe that on the first 5 min of the shoot all those nerves will go away. I too share your nerves on the first 5 min by the way. Im with you every step of this experience. 

I've been meaning to do this for a while now but im a bit apprehensive still

I work with everyday women of all ages, shape, and size, no modeling experience needed. I'm here to  guide and show you poses that will make you look and feel sexy and empowered. It's about having fun in the moment and leaving the shoot feeling beautiful and with a new found confidence. 

But im not a model can i still do this?

DO i need to do anything to my hair before getting to the studio?

Just make sure is washed and dry before you get to the studio, we will take care of the rest! During our planning process you will get an opportunity to let us know if there is a specific look you would like. Other than that, we will make sure  to fluff it up and get it ready for your photo sesh!

What is the investment?

There is a retainer fee of $495  to book the date of the shoot. This  covers studio time, personal direction and posing from me, hair and make up, outfit guide, consultation zoom call, and saves your spot. The retainer does not include any images. Album and digital packages are offered separately.

I recommend my clients to always book at least a month in advance. This allows time for planning for your shoot, get your outfits ready. Because I offer pre-paid packages i offer to book out your photo session to give you enough time to pay off your package.   Pre-paid plans are to be paid out before shoot date and are only available before your shoot date.

I don't know how to pose, will you help me with that?

No worries because I will be there to direct and guide you with all the poses every step of the way. 

I do basic edits on your images (Blemishes, spots, other common issues) but I don't retouch as much as other photographers do because I want you to show off the real you. Celebrate yourself with all of your imperfections. 

DO you photoshop?

With your permission only! All the clients i've featured on my social pages , have given me consent to use their images and share their story. Your privacy is very important to me. I share the images to inspire and to show other women what to expect during their boudoir experience.

Will you post my photos on the internet?

I created  a detailed a PDF Boudoir Outfit Guide with ideas, examples, and accessories suggestions.  I send it out during the planning portion, with plenty of time before your shoot so you can get to planning right of way. 

What should i wear? 


How long is the session? 

How long until i get my photos? 

HOw far in advance should i book? 

It takes about 2 weeks after the day of the shoot to edit  and place the album order, and two weeks to receive the album.

Do you offer payment plans?

The session from beginning to end (this includes hair and makeup time) starts at 9am sharp. Expect to be in the studio for about3 hours to pamper yourself and have a great time!

We accept all major credit cards, Cash is popular when the photoshoot is a secret gift for a significant other. We also accept PayPal and Paypal Credit. (which is one of the payment plans available)  We also offer our In-house** payment plan (you can choose 2, 4, or 6 month payment plans) No product order will be placed until payment is made in full. 

Can I brinG A FRIEND/significant other?

At this moment due to COVID-19 restrictions in NYC, we are NOT allowing extra guests in the studio, to reduce risk. But not worries because i'll be your hype girl and cheerleader during the shoot, pinky promise. 

** In-house payment plans are only available before the session. 

Yes of course! I do same day Zoom photo reveals 3 hours after the shoot. There I will show you what we created together in the studio and will share with you a sample of your album. You get to choose the images you want in your album, and together we can figure out which album package works the best for you. 

I currently create photo magic at FD Studios in Long Island City, Queens NY (Studio 1 is my fav!) 

not sure what to order yet, can i decide when i see my photos? 

I can't wait to celebrate you!

Ready to tell your Self-love story?

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