Your body is a temple, and you are the Goddess that resides within it.

Ms. M

Working with layra Was amazing. It was my first photoshoot And i was a nervous wreck.She was so patience and caring with me.I loved working with her so much.

Ms. K

Working with Layra always feels like a magic. She makes me feel safe which is the most important thing for me. I remember the very first session I had with Layra. It was a normal shoot and I still broke down. Working this boudoir shoot was a HUGE stretch for me that I got to do ONLY because it was with Layra. I would NEVER been able to have this experience. She was patient, gentle and fun. and she made me feel beautiful. Thank you Layra. xoxo

Ms. D

I was nervous BUt Layra is the ultimate hype person. My nervousness evaporated, as well as my clothes lol. I was directed in a mindfully thought out way. Layra has a vision and no trouble bringing it to life. I felt like her muse and later like my own masterpiece when I finally saw my prints (which was in record time btw). 
One thing layra emphasized, despite her love of editing, was the fact that my body would be mine. thanks to layra, I finally saw all of me.

Hey there goddess! My name is Layra and I will be guiding you behind the lens thru your boudoir experience!

Directly from the land of sky scrapers and best pizza you will ever taste. I support everyday womxn, to celebrate their bodies where it is, in this moment, right now.

There is nothing more empowering and supportive to your soul than to acknowledge where you are right now. Age, body type, size, all these things that we use as excuses to not do something we always wanted to do, buy that sexy dress, wear that lazy distressed jeans with that crop top. GURLLL you get to do it all because you say so! 

Boudoir to me is the boldest way to break out of these self talk we put ourselves through. You get to let your heart and body play today! Let's tell your story. 

Meet Layra

Let's chat about your next session. I will guide you through the whole experience, from the moment we connect to the moment you get your printed album! This is all about celebrating YOU!


Complimentary consultation
Hair & Make-up
Wardrobe planning
1.5 - 2 hour session
4 outfits
Creative direction and posing
This non refundable fee serves as a retainer to book and hold your spot.

**Albums & Digital packages are available for purchase separately**